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Hulu plus vs netflix


Hulu Plus vs Netflix is an Ongoing Debate but now it's easier to Decide

Each year, new services instigate the luxury of streaming TV and movies online.  Perhaps in the near future the need for satellite TV and cable will be obsolete.

Until then, the top two contenders, Hulu Plus and Netflix, are on each other's heels with one just a bit ahead of the other.

Consequently, many customers and potential new customers question, which one has the best service?

Both Netflix and Hulu Plus stream shows in place of downloading their services.

However, they have very dissimilar content and diverse guidelines about when, where, and how their customers can watch the shows they fancy.

Observing the two foremost subscription video services, Hulu Plus and Netflix, Colin Decker, VP of audience development for Revision3 says, "he is optimistic about Netflix." He goes on to clarify that he believes Netflix's move to unique content is clever and that the development of broadband permissible households means additional prospective customers for Netflix altogether.

Hulu Plus is another story according to Decker.

"How come Hulu Plus does not have more subscribers till now?" he inquired. The answer was obvious. It is mainly because subscribers are disenchanted with their ads. In addition, the absence of crucial network support is a "deal breaker" as far as considering it as an alternative to cable.

So, Who's Ticking and Who's Tocking?

If you are only looking to sign-up for Hulu Plus or Netflix or maybe both, each charges a monthly fee for the right to access all their existing movies and shows; however, you will want to be acquainted with what makes these two services different.

The debate has dragged on for long enough and there seems to be a clear winner.

Nevertheless, to keep an air of inscrutability, we won't go into that right now.

Let's suffice it to say that Netflix and Hulu Plus both encompass streaming video for around the identical price per month, in spite of this, there are differences.

What is best for each individual depends on how important the differences in the two services are for them:

For instance, Netflix offers subscriptions that deliver movie rentals via snail-mail including a streaming option and a bevy of sundry movies. Hulu Plus offers current TV episodes via a streaming process as well.

Individuals fanatical about TV sitcoms will find Hulu Plus a dream come true.  Netflix has been the definite victor in video subscription for sometime. In fact, they gave Blockbuster and Hollywood Video their marching papers.

Their initial stages were modest:

Netflix began as an order-by-mail DVD service and advanced to including streaming movies, which customers appear to enjoy.

Hulu later followed, and in 2007 began a free online-video service that offered a variety of hit TV shows, movies, and more. Not too long ago, they added their premier competition, Hulu Plus, which seems to have caught many subscribers' attention.  Nonetheless, the ads are a killer, and on a scale from one to ten, Hulu Plus gets a minus-one for this intrusion. As a result, which service is superior? Let's take a look.


Similar to most video subscription companies, Hulu Plus and Netflix are accessible via the Internet.

Each company has users sign into their account to gain entry to all the movies and shows they desire.

Both offer free trials for potential users to try out their services.

Hulu Plus is only a streaming service, while Netflix offers a DVD mailing service.

The Netflix mailing service is convenient for members to select titles online and produce a wish-list; later DVDs are sent in the mail without any due date. After the user is finished viewing their movie, they return the DVD and another is sent from their wish-list.

Result: Each offers adequate service options and each are simple to maneuver. Through the Internet, each individual creates a password, and begins viewing their favorite movies and TV shows including newer titles. We can consider this category a tie.


Netflix has an overabundance of titles in their library, well over 100,000. This includes Blu-ray and DVDs. In addition, Netflix alleges that they possess thousands more titles that are ready for streaming.

Hulu Plus will not disclose the quantity of titles they have; however, they assert that they are in possession of thousands of well known and award-winning movies with "zero" commercial interruptions.

Nevertheless, it is estimated "through the grapevine," that Hulu Plus has more than 42,000 TV episodes from more than 1,600 classic and current TV shows, along with over 2,400 films with special editions from the Criterion compilation.

Result: It's Netflix all the way around. Hulu Plus is being secretive and it's not cool.


Netflix offers membership advantages like one month free trial service, the chance to rank videos for later proposals, offers suggestions based on customers previous viewings, and users get to keep a library of previously viewed videos including those they might watch later on.

In addition, Netflix permits members to halt their service for a few months if they do not need it for a while. A very clever convenience in many users' book.

Hulu Plus permits obsessive TV fans the opportunity to view current seasons, with new episodes uploaded almost every day after they air on TV.

Result: It's a tie. They both offer a service that users adore. Netflix has the stop-service benefit and Hulu Plus offers the latest TV Episodes.


Hulu Plus demands particular requirements when users stream videos. Users must have certain upgrades of browsers like IE and Safari, along with other technical and software gadgetry. Netflix requires their users to have a minimum speed of 500kps for top-quality viewing.

Result: They almost break even. Nonetheless, Netflix has a slight edge because it requires less.


Netflix hiked their prices making their customers "see red" and ready to give Netflix the old heave-ho.

Hulu Plus inserts advertising, causing steam to come out of everyone's ears!

The buzz going around is that Hulu Plus requires advertising to reduce the monthly fees for their subscribers, hence the reason for the ads.

Result: Until Hulu Plus gets rid of the ads, Netflix is the best bet.


Hulu Plus has a monthly price of $7.99. Netflix offers a two-tier pricing plan.

Result: Netflix gives a bit more for your buck; therefore, Netflix comes out ahead here.



Netflix is more appealing because it offers the best value, when you really think about it.

Of course, TV fanatics will love the idea that Hulu Plus offers videos of the latest TV episodes.

Nonetheless, it falls short of Netflix's extensive title selection. And another thing, those ads. Hulu Plus loses major points because of that alone. Netflix is the better choice for obvious reasons; however, the decision to go with Hulu Plus or Netflix is a matter of personal choice.

Just choose which one you prefer best, and you will not go wrong.