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Netflix vs Amazon Prime: Which One Is The Better Option?

When you look for an unlimited access to more film titles and TV episodes, you may have several options for the best streaming libraries.

Netflix and Amazon Prime are among the main options of movie buffs from several parts of the world. If you want to know more about what these two services offer, read along and find out the better option for you.

Outstanding Features

Based on Amazon's site, you can find over 100,000 movie titles, yet only 17,000 of these films are available for Prime members. While there is no definite number of titles available at Netflix, most members claim that the service offers about 25,000 films that they can stream and download anytime they want.

This means you can watch more videos for free by subscribing to Netflix, since only a few are available for Amazon prime members. While Amazon offers more titles, most of these are not free of charge, and you need to pay $1.99 or $2.99 per film or TV episode.

Pricing Option and Packages

Most people agree that Netflix has great advertising strategies in informing the public about their pricing options. The company markets their streaming services at $7.99 per month, while Amazon advertises the annual cost for subscription at $79.00.

If you think about it, Amazon has cheaper rates, and you can avail of additional benefits such as free two-day shipping on your merchandise orders. Moreover, you can gain access to Amazon's library of books when you own a Kindle. The eBooks you may borrow include about 100 past and recent New York Times bestsellers.

Speed and Streaming Quality

Your internet's download speed has an impact to the streaming quality of these two services. On the other hand, Netflix enables their members to have full control of the streaming quality.

This feature is beneficial for people who may have broadband data caps that are quite low. All you need to do is login to your Netflix account and adjust the quality. You can choose among three settings in managing the video quality, depending on your preference.

Selection of Compatible Devices

Netflix offers numerous options when it comes to the devices you may use in accessing the videos. For instance, you may use your game consoles, Blu-ray players, Roku, Apple TV, or internet connected TVs. When you are on the road, you can still watch your favorite films by using your tablet or smart phone.

Amazon, though, provides limited choices of compatible devices. You may stream films via Roku, Blu-ray players, Kndle Fire, Xbox 360, and some top brands of HDTV.

User-Friendly Features and Efficiency

You will have more ease in exploring the services offered by Netflix because of the user-friendly interface. It is effortless to rate film titles, and you can choose from a number of genres. Whether you use your game console or Blu-ray player, you will not encounter problems in accessing Netflix. You can also filter results when you use Blu-ray players, and the PS3 offers a "Just for Kids" area that screen episodes or films that are suitable for children.

Amazon, on the other hand, has an intricate user interface that may confuse you at times. Moreover, there are limited genres. Although Amazon has a particular section for kids, you may have to devote several minutes when searching for titles. Some people are also frustrated when they discover that not all film titles in the browse section are available for free. You may have to pay a certain fee before you can watch some movies available at Amazon Prime.

Netflix Vs Amazon Prime: Conclusion

As you check numerous services that offer streaming options, the number of companies that claim they have the cheapest and best deals may overwhelm you. Each of these subscription services has benefits and drawbacks, and it is ideal to analyze all features before signing up and paying a hefty fee.

Netflix and Amazon Prime, for instance, offer excellent features and pricing options. These two services also offer a risk-free one month trial that is free of charge. However, when it comes to greater efficiency and a wider selection of films, most people consider Netflix as the better option. You can watch about 25,000 films by subscribing to the base package, and you will have the ease in searching for movie titles that you want to download.