Netflix vs Blockbuster


Netflix Vs Blockbuster: A Look At The Top Features and Benefits

In just a short amount of time, Netflix has gained popularity from movie buffs in many parts of the world.

The pricing options are quite reasonable, and you can find a wide selection of videos and films. In addition, you can have the chance to select your preferred movies or rate similar films that can help other viewers.

Netflix is also constantly creating innovative ways that entice more people to sign up and subscribe to the services offered.

Excellent Features of Netflix

With Netflix, you can watch all the films you want upon subscribing and pay a fee of $8.99 a month. You have two options when you want to watch movies - rent the films via mail or access your favorite movies on your TV. Netflix is also compatible with numerous devices, so you can watch films on your Blu-Ray player, PS3, Xbox 360, or Wii. It is also possible to stream several TV programs and shows when you subscribe to Netflix. In fact, you can even stream recent films over the internet.

When it comes to the pricing, you only need to pay $8.99 if you want to rent one DVD at a time. However, you can choose from other packages when you want to rent more DVDs. You can rent two DVDs at a time by paying $13.99 a month, or three at a time for only $16.99 monthly. For those who want to test how Netflix works before subscribing, you may avail of a free trial and upgrade to their paid option when you are satisfied with the services. The only minor drawback with Netflix is that you have to pay a higher fee when you want to rent Blu-ray movies.

One of the best features that Netflix offers is that there are no late fees or due dates when it comes to renting DVDs. If you wish to discontinue your subscription, you may cancel any time. However, the company does not accept refunds on partial months.

What Blockbuster Has To Offer

Years back, Blockbuster was the premium choice of people who look for new movies to watch or DVDs for rent. Eventually, Netflix gain instant popularity and introduced DVD-by-mail services, as well as downloading or streaming features. With the tight competition between the two subscription services, you might wonder which among these companies offer better deals.

The subscription plans of both services have some similarity, since Blockbuster also offers the same rates for the base package at $8.99 a month. You may also choose your preferred subscription plan depending on the number of DVD rentals you want.

Blockbuster, though, has a few additional services that Netflix does not offer. These extra features include the following:

  • You have the option to exchange your films in store 
  • You can watch Blu-ray movies with no extra charge 
  • You can rent video games aside from movies and TV episodes

With these features, you may think that Blockbuster is the better choice when you want to watch Blu-rays at a reasonable cost or rent more video games. Many people also consider subscribing to Blockbuster's packages because you can save time on the DVD-by-mail rentals. The company allows you to exchange movies in store, which Netflix currently does not offer.


Netflix Vs Blockbuster: The Verdict

If you want to have greater access to more films and TV episodes, then you should certainly go with Netflix. The company remains to be on top because of the innovation they apply in their services.

The base package is also quite cheap because at $8.99 a month, you can watch all the movies and TV shows that you want.

The risk-free trial is also a great feature, so you can check whether the services offered meet your standards or not.

On the other hand, Blockbuster is quite a good option because of the extra benefits offered. When you think you have enough of the movies you have watched, you can return these in store anytime you want.

Blockbuster is also ideal for you when you like to watch Blu-rays or you want to rent several video games. You only need to consider your preference when deciding which of the two services offers better features, since both offer affordable pricing options and great value for your money.