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netflix vs vudu

Netflix vs Vudu: Great Features Offered

In the past years, Netflix has become the primary choice of most movie and TV fans because of the flawless streaming services it offers.
However, Vudu has emerged as one of the leading options when it comes to quality streaming of films and TV episodes. If you want to know which company offers more, then read along and learn about the ideal service for you.

Background, Pricing Options, and Other Features

Netflix introduced the DVD-by-Mail rental option, as well as internet streaming services. When you subscribe to the company's basic package, you may rent a DVD at a time, or gain access to a wide selection of films and episodes.

Vudu has limited services, though, because it only has a video-on-demand program. You may download movies, but you cannot rent DVDs by subscribing to Vudu.

Membership Benefits

Those who subscribe to Netflix will have no problem in renting DVDs or streaming movies.

After you have signed up, you can immediately watch a movie or TV show of your choice. This feature is only available to those who subscribe to the movie streaming package. Members who have selected the DVD rental membership plan can manage their "wish list", and watch movies sent to them via email. There are no due dates or late fees, so members can choose to keep the movies and watch these several times.

Vudu, on the other hand, enables you to stream films directly to any compatible device.

Just connect your Blu-ray player, PS3, computer, or HDTV to the internet. Then, select Vudu before you can start watching films. Netflix and Vudu offer free trial, so there is no risk of paying anything unless you have tried the features and decided to avail of the paid options.

Compatibility with Devices

Since Netflix has been around for years, it offers more options when it comes to compatible devices.

You can use your gaming consoles, Android-based devices, PC, Mac computer, home theater systems, Roku, internet-connected TVs and HDTVs, and Blu-ray players. You may also shift from one device to another by connecting these devices to your account.

Vudu also allows you to watch your favorite movies on numerous devices such as computers, PS3, and the iPad.

However, it is obvious that Netflix has more choices of devices to use when viewing these films.

Content and Available Movie Titles

You have a wider selection of film and TV show titles when you subscribe to Netflix because the company has licensing deals with major TV and movie companies including CBS, NBC, BBC libraries, Sony, DreamWorks Animation and FOX among several others.

Netflix has also established contracts with top movie and indie studios. Vudu members can gain access to about 20,000 titles, and you can watch movies the same day these are available on DVD.

In fact, Vudu claims that it offers more HD titles, as compared to any other subscription services. For instance, Netflix takes about 28 days to have a new DV release, while Vudu offers new titles in only a few days.

Video Quality and Speed

The minimum speed required for Vudu is 2.25 mbps for HD films. On the other hand, Netflix users should have a minimum internet download speed of 500 kbps before they can obtain the best results the company's services.

When it comes to quality, Vudu offers a wider range of films available in HDX, which provides the best quality content from any service. The company also offers Dolby Digital 7.1 channel surround sound for excellent quality of films. Netflix has several HD movies, although Vudu offers more titles.

Price and Subscription Plan

Netflix members are required to pay $7.99 a month for unlimited streaming or unlimited one DVD at a time rental.

Those who prefer both services may have to pay $15.98 monthly. Blu-ray discs are also available at Netflix, although you will have to pay an additional $2 per month.

Vudu offers a per-movie type of service, so you may end up paying more when you want to watch more videos. Some movies may be rented at $2 for two nights, while the rental fee for HD films cost $5.


Netflix Vs Vudu: The Better Option

After an in-depth analysis of all the features, you may say that Netflix is definitely the better choice.

It offers a low monthly fee, more selection of films, and a wide range of compatible devices where you can watch your movies.